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Portfolio Allocations

We use a unique approach, utilizing a specialized portfolio model for each client in order to minimize risk and maximize returns.  By using this contradictory and conservative approach, we are able to match market returns but with a significantly less downside volatility.  Below we have provided a description of the various models we use.


Income Portfolio

The Income Portfolio is typically used for generating income with relatively low principal risk for the investment horizon of 3 years or less.  It is our least risky portfolio and is the best choice if you want to minimize the risk of loss in a short-term market decline.

Dividend Income Portfolio

The Dividend Income portfolio follows a total return strategy, investing in stocks that have the potential to rise in price and make larger dividend payments in the future.  The advantage is it gives investors the potential for a win-win combination.  Net worth is increased by both the change in the stock’s price and the payment of the dividend.  Diversification is accomplished in several ways as companies are selected from a variety of industries and sectors.


Growth & Income Stock Portfolio

A balanced approach for staying ahead of inflation, designed for investors with an investment horizon of 3-10 years.  This model is a good match for investors wanting conservative growth with reduced exposure to bear markets.  It is also a good choice if you want quarterly dividends which will grow over time, although the portfolio’s income stream alone is not as high as our Income Model.  The Growth & Income Stock portfolio chooses a mix of stocks that will appreciate at a greater pace than the market.  The portfolio reduces risk thru effective diversification, utilizing a series of 36 stocks.

Growth & Income Mutual Funds Portfolio

The allocation approach is similar to our Growth & Income Stock portfolio, however it uses mutual funds instead of stocks.  The Growth & Income Mutual Funds portfolio tries to average an 8% to 12% return on an annual basis through the use of carefully selected mutual funds.

Growth Stock Portfolio

This is a stock-oriented approach with market-level risk for the investment horizon of 10 years or more. The Growth Stock portfolio focuses on the micro-cap value sector of the market.  The stocks are largely risky when evaluated separately, but when put together as a portfolio most of the individual stock risk has been diversified away by about 70%.  The model aims for long-term growth by investing in stock funds that focus mainly in the U.S. market.


Growth Mutual Funds Portfolio

The Growth Mutual Funds portfolio is similar to our Growth Stock portfolio and is appropriate for an investment horizon of 10 years or more.  This portfolio attempts to build a diversified portfolio, utilizing the best performing mutual funds in different categories.


Moderate Index Allocation Portfolio

The Moderate Portfolio is designed for investors who are willing to accept a little more risk and a time horizon longer than five years, in exchange for a higher rate of return that outpaces inflation by a significant margin.         

Aggressive Index Allocation Portfolio

The Aggressive Portfolio is for those investors with a high risk tolerance and a time horizon longer than 10 years.  This portfolio seeks the highest rate of return possible.  By doing so, they are accepting quite a bit of risk; sometimes the risk outweighs the return.

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